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Have the message but not the words? Have the ideas but not the structure? Have the desire but not the discipline?

If you are an aspiring author and thought leader who would like to put your innovative ideas and world-changing concepts onto the page, and you need someone with publishing experience to guide you through the process, look no further! Pick up the telephone right now and call us to discuss the nature of your writing project.

We’ll do what we do best: help you find your writing voice, structure your message, and transform your ideas to the written page so that you can reach your audience. Don’t pass on this tremendous opportunity, which will propel you into the spotlight!

“Whenever I start thinking about writing a book, Sarah McArthur is the first person I call. Sarah knows what a great book looks like and how to turn my writing projects into reality. I can always rely on Sarah for helpful and friendly support in any aspect of the writing art: from story-line ideas and suggestions, meticulous proofing, voicing a piece towards a given audience, all the way through to the structuring and launching of a behemoth. To turn your own great writing idea into a great book, I suggest you first turn to Sarah McArthur.” Dr. Laurence S. Lyons, Writer; speaker; executive coach

“I owe a great debt of appreciation to Sarah McArthur. Without her guidance and leadership, I would not have completed this writing project. When she first suggested that I abandon a dozen years of my material and start over, I knew she was crazy. Turned out she was the sane one between us.” Eric Kaufmann, Leadership as a Hero’s Journey